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Folding Shutters


Our Superfold Sliding Folding Shutter is the most popular industrial sliding shutter door on the market and is used on sites from small railway station openings up to the larger openings in some of the country's shipyards.


The heavy duty design and our refusal to lower the quality ensure that the product is now the leading seller within this market in the UK.


Similar to Roller Shutter Doors, each Superfold Sliding Folding Shutter is manufactured for a specific application and sizes range from the smallest doors for dumb waiters to full size warehouse doors of 10-15m.


The unique design of the folding shutter gives you increased security as they can withstand some forms of ram raiding which would destroy Roller Shutter Doors or Sectional Overhead Doors. They also provide increased wind resistance on larger openings due to rigidity of doors.  



Lift Gates and Lift Doors


With designs suited to various types of lift cars, Superfold Lift Folding Shutters & Lift Gates are renowned for their strength and durability. Tested in accordance with Clause 8 of BS476 Part 22. 1987 for uninsulated sliding folding shutters to provide 4 hours fire resistance. Test Report Warres No. 56014.


In addition to complying with the above requirements the shutters have also been designed to comply with the latest EEC safety legislation


Strip Curtains


Minimal energy loss

Flex strip curtains are especially suitable for use as inexpensive doors for large warehouse openings. The durable PVC strips seal to a large extent and only open up to the width of the vehicle or load. This reduces temperature loss to a minimum, even with heavy passage traffic. The first-class transparency of the Flex strip curtains improves lighting conditions and reduces lighting costs. Suitable for use in production of foods or medication and in cold store areas.



High Speed Doors


High-speed doors are used both inside and as exterior doors to optimise the flow of traffic, improve room conditions and save energy. Optimise your operating procedures and lower you energy costs through shorter opening times, without interrupting traffic flow using our high-speed doors.



Shutters & Industrial Door Products

We provide a single source for all types of industrial doors and shutters from loading bay doors to fire doors and entrance doors to internal doors.


We manufacture our own doors and also represent the UK and Europes leading door manufacturers. Offering products from various sources allows us to select the most appropriate product for the project and also the most appropriate budget.


All doors are manufactured according to the Quality Management System DIN ISO 9001 and meet all the requirements of the European Standard 13241-1.


Installed by our own skilled electro-mechanical engineers, backed by a fully comprehensive 3 year warranty, Phoenix is well placed to be your complete services provider.


Please find below a brief overview of our product range. Upon request we will provide full technical specifications, manuals and drawings for customers, contractors, specifiers and architects.


We also offer a range 3+ year service and warranty packages to compliment your installation.

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