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Automatic Gate Services

Of all the equipment we service and repair, automatic gates are by far the most sensitive. Surrounded by legislation and classified as a machine, the maintenance of automatic gates should be taken very seriously.


With numerous types of operators, from mechanical rams to hydraulic pistons, gates are found in a variety of places.


The commercial security gate operated by an attendant with low traffic, requires a different maintenance regime to an automated gate in a residential community.


The industry and legislation is ever changing, choose a responsible partner to service your gates.




Risk Assesment

Who can operate the gate, how is it operated, how regular is traffic, is traffic pedestrian, vehicles ot both?


Just some of the factors that our engineers take into consideration when performing routine maintenance to automated gates.

Repairs & Upgrades

Ensure your gates meet current safety standards by changing operators and controllers to detect obstacles.


Add additional safety sensors to detect presence of traffic.


Simply fix warning signs to show that the gate is automatic. Our engineers will discuss with you and advise on the condition on your gates.


All crushing zones should be suitably protected by safety devices to stop persons becoming trapped.


Any shear zones should be covered and protected by safety devices.

24 Hour Emergencies

We operate a 24 hour callout service for emergency repairs. Your gate may be stuck and you need to open or secure your Premises.


Tracks can become full of debris, bearings in gate rollers often need replacing, photocells can often be damaged. All components are thoroughly checked and tested to ensure reliable and safe operation of the gate.