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Affordable Entrance Doors Maintenance - 6th October 2014


At Phoenix Door Services, our ethos has always been that prevention is much better than cure. That's why we offer affordable entrance door maintenance services. We have experience of working with both industrial and automatic doors along with automatic gates. By having a maintenance plan outlined with us then you can be sure that you won't have to worry about the entrance doors you rely on from failing to properly work 365 days of the year.


If a problem has occurred with your entrance doors then don't worry, we can also help you there as well with our repairs service. We provide a 24hr emergency service so no matter when a problem arises, we can be with you to assist you further. We will always provide a full quote before any work is started so you know exactly how much we charge with no hidden extras.


To discuss your requirements for affordable entrance doors maintenance from us in more detail, please call our team on 01256 474 586. If you prefer, you can email us at Once received, we will reply to you.


Manual Doors Maintenance - 22nd September 2014


If you have manual doors in place at your commercial premises then it's important to ensure that they operate correctly 365 days of the year. Here at Phoenix Door Services, we can help with the manual door maintenance services that we provide. Our experienced team will be able to come to your premises and carry out maintenance on your doors to make sure they are working effectively and free from any damage that could impede them from functioning properly in the future.


Along with our maintenance service, if your manual doors have become damaged then we can come out to your property and fix the problem quickly. We also have an 24hr emergency service available so if you can't access your property or you can't secure the premises because of a fault with the doors then we can be with you quickly to help.


If you would like more information about the manual door maintenance or repairs service we offer, please call our team on 01256 474 586. We will be more than happy to help and we look forward to hearing from you.



Entrance Doors Maintenance - 8th September 2014


Whether you have a manual or automatic entrance door system for your business, if the functioning of the door becomes faulty or you simply require general maintenance on the entrance doors you have, we can help here at Phoenix Door Services.


We have a team of dedicated, professional and experienced door maintenances staff here who will be able to come to your premises and carry out any maintenance or repairs required. We make sure our work is carried out with minimal disruption caused to your working day and prices for our maintenance services are also affordable.


On our website you will be able to see that along with the maintenance services we offer, we also provide a range of other door related services as well for commercial and industrial buildings. We also provide a 24hr emergency service for your peace of mind.


Please do not hesitate to call us today on 01256 474 856 if you would like more information about the entrance doors maintenance services we provide. We will be more than happy to help and we look forward to hearing from you. If you prefer, you can email us at Once we have received your query we will reply to you.


Sectional Door Repairs - 1st September 2014


Sectional doors are extremely popular in many industries; they offer a high level of security with steel panels and can offer protection against almost all weather conditions. As such we know how much your sectional doors mean to you and your business, when your sectional doors need repairing or replacing there is only one place to go – Phoenix Door Services.


Here at Phoenix Door Services we specialise in the installation of industrial and commercial doors and shutters with over 30 years of experience. All of our staff are given the best training and install your new doors with care and dedication.  We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and offer a large range of doors to cover all your needs.


Whether you are looking for sectional doors, industrial doors, shutters, sliding doors, swing doors or automatic doors you can rest assured you are in safe hands. Need door repairs in an emergency? No problem, we are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week offering an emergency repair service.


For more information on what we can offer or to book your sectional door repair contact us today on 01256 474 586 or email









Roller Shutter Maintenance - 28th July 2014


If you have found us by searching online for a provider of roller shutter maintenance then we are pleased to say that you have come to the right place and welcome to Phoenix Door Services.


Who are we?


Phoenix Door Services are a leading provider of all types of industrial and commercial door related services. Along with providing maintenance on roller shutter doors and other door types, we also sell doors to businesses throughout the UK. Whether you are looking to purchase a particular type of door for your business or you require maintenance on doors already in place, we will be able to help you.


Why us?


Quite simply, we are passionate about the quality service we provide to all of our clients. We have a dedicated team of professional and experienced staff who will be able to come to your premises and provide the service you need for your doors. We also offer an emergency service should you have a problem with the functioning of the doors you use to enter and exit your industrial or commercial premises.


For more information about the services we provide including roller shutter maintenance, please call us on 01256 474 586. We will be more than happy to help and we look forward to hearing from you.